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Verglas Stance finisher moves
Verglas since its update is certainly a lot more viable class, however aside from its skill pool management it still has 2 things in its class concept that I find strange or could be improved on.
1.) It has no Main Class passives, so its usually always better in sub class
2.) Most new classes have one BIG attack. A finishing move, that you only use every so often.

So! I tackle point 2 here! Why not give the 3 stances a unique finisher, that reflects its stances "archetype".

Quote:in my opinion the weirdest of the three kinda lacking identity. the stance gives you bonus to BASIC attacks with fists only, yet Verglas in itself isn't very basic attack friendly.

Bear skills usually have the strong shove attacks, short range, average damage but able to bypass Push Immunity so, I want them to have something that has some OMPH to show its bear-like strength and benefit from its own stance:

Glacial Crush:

Condition to Use:

-Consumes bear stance Lv 10 (At the end of the skill)
-5 Turns CD
-1 tile range, one target. (Or the same range as Bear Stance special basic attack, with the same animation, cause its a simple but cool one thats rarely seen, but that makes the skill obviously a bit stronger as its "balanced" around a more difficult setup.)
-Counts as basic attack

Kick Skill. Choose one target in 1 tile range and perform a basic attack on them. On a successful hit, you ignore Protection (except elemental resistance) and send the target flying(Ignore knockback immunity) turning them into a 3-tile-wide projectile, leaving ice tiles behind if you have ice point greaves active untill they hit a wall.
Enemies in the path are hit and knocked back 4 tiles in a random direction away from the center and receive 50% of the total damage as ice magical damage.
Upon hitting the wall, the target explodes in a blast of ice dealing ice magical damage depending on rank in a 4 tile circle. Every enemy in range of the explosion receives 50% of the damage.
If the target is frozen the total damage is increased by 50%.
May Inflict Celsius (Optional)

Damage per Rank:
Rank 1 : Basic attack Damage +110% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 5, 30 FP
Rank 2 : Basic attack Damage +125% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 6, 32 FP
Rank 3 : Basic attack Damage +140% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 7, 34 FP

a Vydll like basically, but focused more on one a single target, with a shorter Initial range. A "Get the fuck away from me" kind of skill.
Celsius is optional but it would add to the "stay away" idea, and Verglas kinda lacks ice-related debuffs. But isn't needed.

The Frozen extra sounds pretty strong at first, but keep in mind that the set up is decently difficult, you need someone in one tile range and if you only use verglas have ice guard already set up, to pull this off perfectly. A single tile difference means you won't be able to benefit from it without risking the other side to free itself from it/get frozen immunity. Also bear stance is kinda the weakest/least useful of the three, so I wanted its finisher to at least pack a punch.
Also decently expensive, but represents the sheer power of the bear stance I believe. With the added benefits of reaping from Bear stance bonuses and the ice greaves which seem to find most use in Bear stance anyway.
Alternativly you could give the bonus damage towards airborne enemies, so you could combo it with the first bear skill...But I feel like thats just going to be replaced with a crane hop, so Frozen is more difficult to set u

The damage on its own should be fine, considering how low crit damage is on fists, and what we see with Void assassin's assassinate skill being fairly mediocore.

Also probably hilariously satisfying to watch as an animation.
If I may suggest some animation effects:
-Make the target spin when he is flying around, and have some heavy impact crash animation at the end. It will look beautiful a drive the point home that they were kicked REALLY hard.


Quote:Arguably the strongest stance. Very clear identity. Lots of Ice! Doesn't need anything to fancy, except a way to be able to deal more ice/place more ice maybe. I kinda want it strong, but with a bit of wind up.

Krakens Breath:

Conditions to use:
- Consumes Fox stance level 10 on second use.
- High FP, I am thinking about 60ish consumed on first use
- 6/7 Momentum (needs to be used twice)
- 5 Turns CD

Can only be used when Fox Stance is Level 10. Upon first use, you absorb all ice tiles on the field granting you a buff "Kraken Breath prepared" for 2 turns.
"Kraken breath prepared" grants the user Ice Atk equal to its level.(Level= Ice tiles consumed, Cap Rank*20)
Upon second use you consume Fox Stance Level 10 and "Kraken Breath prepared" to breath a large cone of Ice, leaving ice tiles behind and dealing magical ice damage depending on rank.
May cause Ice Weakness and frostbite Level 30 for 3 turns, and destroys cinder tiles.

Damage per Rank:
Rank 1: 100% SWA, 150% Ice Atk, 60 FP
Rank 2: 100% SWA, 175% Ice Atk, 58 FP
Rank 3: 100% SWA, 200% Ice Atk, 56 FP

Basically a Full charged Fire breath cone attack, which damage comes almost entirely from ice Atk instead of SWA, but can also be used to power up for a short while on Ice Atk at the price of the ice you have set up and could use for Expand ice or whatever. rank 3 having the cap of 60 so it pairs up to Void power.
Doesn't ignore Evasion. Ice weakness probably being the main selling point, though its still weaker than Evokers ice weakness version while consuming about the same momentum. Also needs an infliction AND hit check. 
Frostbite is more of an by the by effect as most people do not care about it and level 30 ain't that high either.

Overall a great skill, but I think not over powered in most setups as Ice atk if fairly easy to keep track off as to what its maximum potential roughly is unlike SWA. We are looking at 250ish ice atk for absolut try-hards that make use of Void Assassin. So certainly a skill on the higher end of damage but it also comsumes high FP+ worth the momentum of 2 skills. And a very specific set up for that high ice atk.

I think overall thematic though and certainly worth using while being fairly unique. And I like the idea of using ice tiles to power up.

the fun speedy face stomper. To be honest... I actually have no real idea for a finisher of Hare stance.
Either something that actually makes them a bit more speedy for a few turns without falling into the problem of the buff cap, or just some attack thats showering someone in kicks as an upgraded version of Rapid kick.
Big ranged circle aoe, kicking enemies into the center?

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