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[v2.54b] Inconsistently Protectable
Unprotectable damage is supposed to be damage that ignores DEF/RES and Armor/M.Armor, however I am unsure if this is supposed to apply to external DRs.

Only select DRs are able to mitigate the damage of unprotectable damage

Is unresistable damage supposed to be ignore external DRs? Or is it supposed to ignore every DR in your kit, including the ones that could possibly fight obnoxious threats, such as GUARD even.

I've made a list of DRs I've found so far that are and aren't mitigating unprotectable damage.

Quote:These all reduce the damage of Bellowing Stag/Grenade Launcher/Painful Grapple/Black Rend etc.:

Unaffected Class DRs:
-Shared Pain

Unaffected misc. DRs

These all do not:

Affected Class DRs:
-Weathered Body
-One Versus One

Affected Item DRs:
-Nullstone Gauntlet
-Ogata Waraji
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]

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