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[Korvara] Golden Crystal
Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, For the right price

This post is information and overview of the golden cross organization, as can be observed by non-members from behavior of members and occasional advertisements.

Basic information:
The Golden Crystal is a self-centered organization of doctors, healers, and the likes. Their goal is to provide medical assistance to anyone who needs it, regardless of the allegiance, for the right price. Members are also often noncombatants, and do not interfere with conflicts, only providing aid to the still living combatants once conflict is over, as long as involved parties can afford it, and as long as the winning party does not object (if there is a winner). 

Tenets of the golden cross:

  • Do not interfere with conflicts between people (You are however allowed to aid people against monsters)
  • Maintain non-allegiance: Do not align yourself with any of the factions. Favoritism however is allowed, as long as its not taken to extreme, and as long as it benefits you and the organization.
  • Preserve own interests above interests of others (except for your fellow golden cross members)
  • Avoid providing free aid, unless as an 'Investment'. Experience and medical supplies are not free. However 'payment' is not restricted to tangible goods only. Favors can be considered a payement as well. Or a persons continued service to a cause that benefits you.
  • Pay no heed to 'Petty moralities': All people are worth the same, regardless of what they do to others. Only what they do to you or your fellow members matters.
  • Ask no unnecessary questions: What the client does is their business, unless it involves us.
  • Do not use healing magic if not necessary: Magic is heavily exhausting and exhaustion is bad for the ability to provide healing services.
  • Respect the other members, they will likely be your only true allies.
  • No leaders: No one in the organization is better than any other.

If you wish to know more about us, or join us, our members always wear the symbol of golden crystal in a visible spot.
(Also you can message ||Triel||#2551 on discord)
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