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Skullcat's random stuff
Sometimes when I'm working on the Monastery, I have to make icons to furnish out an area, or region within the Monastery to regalia it on. But in the event that someone else do wants the icons that I use. They can either take it from here and regalia it onto a longsword for their housing needs. 

Dev can also use them if they wants.

The following icons I've made that everyone may have use for are: 

[Image: 6g5mXKb.gif]

Lurking Painting
[Image: MVpxZKN.png]

[Image: ZLj0Nmd.gif]

[Image: Vy65ZfM.png]

[Image: e4LQWB4.png]

The Docks
[Image: 85CtDic.png]

The Janitor
[Image: ZxUCyxi.gif]

One-rotation fish
[Image: zLZ9qI1.gif]

Google drive link:

I'll probably add in more sprites that I don't mind sharing in the future. Til then.

Some questions that'll inevitably be asked:
"But did you actually spend two (or more) regalia tokens on furnitures?" Yes. Some furniture I've made are bigger than intended 32x32, so I had to split them in half and use two regalia instead of one. If you're looking at paintings, you may want to consider if you want to spend 2 regalias.
[Image: XDo90hy.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
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Yet another icon. But this one took a while to do (Mostly because to make the gate, it have to fit within the Waste gate arch. Damn man).

The WasteGate
[Image: s06Gjy6.gif]
For reminder, Google drive is here:
[Image: XDo90hy.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
best one by far is the dog, we need more animal ones like that it great. more creature regalia sprites to flush out zoos and such!
dog my beloved
More stuff added to the google drive, and created a Weapons folder for it.

These are 8 different weapons, probably between one-star types and three-star types. I'll probably make more non-animated weapons in the future, since I just play a blacksmith character on Korvara. 

[Image: MU7rXrY.png]

Long-handle Axe
[Image: ycIqYod.png]

Scrap Shank
[Image: sIWs9AV.png]

Ransuer Spear
[Image: N07HYOk.png]

Scrap Scimitar
[Image: SoIsjkq.png]

[Image: YuJklxh.png]

[Image: qdf3Od5.png]

Woodlander's Axe
[Image: iS3JKuZ.png]
[Image: XDo90hy.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: yqD6jud.png]

Duyueien Pogo-Hammer
[Image: EHKRuXU.png]

Avarice Blade
[Image: GSrSMb3.png]

[Image: SKOo3dE.png]

[Image: N0yZrjV.png]

[Image: IKGrzi3.png]

[Image: 08tvFvP.png]

Meiaq Axe (Dane Axe)
[Image: diStVVE.png]

Duyueien Nagamaki (Katana weapon)
[Image: gp17WWr.png]

Swordbreaker Dagger
[Image: rm4nzDB.png]

All of them are updated to the drive as usual.
[Image: XDo90hy.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

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