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[Tool] SL2 Calculator Python Remake
Current Release(v0.1d)
in python, open-source

hold and button go up
classes, races, food, history, le
class passives, ghost passives, shards, % hp/fp mods, flat hp/fp mods, hp/fp shards and capacity
modifiers on everything + torse option
evade mod has a max of 50, if you have something that doesn't attribute to the max, use Torso
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison
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Why a remake though? Genuinely curious.
[Image: kTbQzUT.png]
accessibility, open source, wanted to learn python, just some QOL adjustments that with foresight makes adding content easier on people looking to do that
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison
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don't expect much, lum ele isn't working, lmk if there's an issue by posting them on the github
food doesn't work at all food works now
that tk folder has to be in the same directory for now
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison
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Updated to v0.1c, added history and ghost skill passives, alongside some refactoring and format changes
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison
updated to v0.1d, astrology is in and working
#nerf summoner
#nerf poison

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