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Daralam- New invention for hygiene
Applicable BYOND Key - Mikuel
Character Name - Daralam
Request Type - Permission to have my character to have invented new technology
Request Details -  I would like permission to have my character to have invented and manufactured some showers with help of craftsmen.
Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - My character is scientist and thus works on creating things for Geladyne. I just figured that I had never heard or saw shower anywhere and though a simple plan to make it.
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -
The mechanics of this shower are quite simple, but I will explaining them in bit in detail to further clarify why and how this shower could work.

-The basic structure is larger metal barrel which can be filled from outside, pipe connected to said barrel and showerhead, a simple system for the waterflow to reproduce the effect.
-In the barrel, there is few slots one can slide in slips made out nerif's blood or arctic cold to alter their preferred temperature of water.
-There is valve, which when turned applies pressure to galdric metal (or whatever silpheeds curse was called when refined), which releases steady flow of air into the barrel.
-This causes pressure to build up in the barrel, which in return causes water to move to area where there is less resistance, which leads it travelling up the pipe and out of the showerhead.
-After showering, you close the valve. This stops the air being produced and thus causes the water to stop flowing up.
-You need to manually fill the barrel between showers.

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