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Misinformation and System Abuse - The Great OOC War Of Korvara
I have since sent screenshots. I was admittedly hesitant to include them out of respect to Shujin. If anyone else wants screenshots, as long as Shujin's good with it, I'll send. Just mentioning it here for the sake of records.
The big issue is, that there is so much that its hard to sort through and I most certainly do not care enough to touch that pile of shit with a ten pole stick, far less go dumbster diving in it.

I can give a simple example of one of many things though.
People have OOCly informed Blade that he wouldn't get a fair trial in Geladyne, and that Natasha plans a Inner Rebellion there because of it.

->Both these things never happend. But people act upon it. and if it happend no one would have known. And if someone would ahve known, spreading it to others OOCly would have been lame.

Now add 50 other such rumors, and people start losing sight in this Chaos. And I do not want to unwarp it all untill I have actually figured out whats Legit and what isn't. I do not even think anymore that it matters. It overall feels very OOCly loaded which makes it not fun to engage with the actual intrique and plotting thats happening, cause its hard to difference between legit things or not.

I am good with the screenshots being shared. I do not mind. Alas its kinda spoilers for the RP.
Why is everyone I enjoy playing with disappearing. It's too early in whatever timezone it is for this.
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