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Ki Awoken Awakening
Currently, Ki Awoken is a skill that is actively detrimental for a Monk to use. The investment for the return is comparatively minor. For 5 skill points, you get a skill that gives you +10 bonus stats and +5 Ki gain every round at an increasingly high cost of your health.
[Image: unknown.png]

This would be fine if it was doing something like chipping away at your FP or something else, but the increasingly high health cost for something that will only push your softcapped stats up by 1 or 2 scaled points makes it barely useable at the best of times unless you decide to build completely around it.

I think the bonus stats should be changed to base stats. 5/10/20/40/80% health reduction over the course of five rounds is a fair trade off, as no other skill is as costly to use. While Ki Awoken is not a transformation skill, it could easily be compared to one due to performing similar functions.
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My thoughts would be make ki awoken just Reduce your health by 20% each turn reduced by 25% of you willpower.

Maybe throw in that skills that consume Ki refund 50% of the ki spent.
I've said my points on ki awoken in pretty much every balance thread on it in recent memory, so I'll summarize.

I'm also of the mind that it should be a base stat increase to make the buff actually matter when diminishing returns are taken into account. I think that this should be the same for all skills that increase/decrease stats for the same reason.

However, in the damage race that is sigrogana combat, hp costs don't fly. Blood spike and scarlet twister don't see much use unless it's for a huge pay off like dragging someone through several prophylaxis tiles or something similar, and their hp costs are far tamer than ki awoken's.

I've done the math on several occasions, and the short version is this. As it stands right now, even a build of almost all soft caps to lean into ki awoken and get a roughly +8 all will break even on damage gained/mitigated vs the 5% hp lost at best. Every turn after the first and 10% hp loss plus? You're literally just spending your own momentum to do your opponent's job for them. It's laughably bad.
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I think a reduction to hp cost is all it really needs
Maybe it could inflict lower HP cost, but you self-inflict Cursed Wounds. That way it could get some more buck to its shot, like increasing your damage percent, and damage reduction equal to the amount of HP damage % you took this round. So something like...

2% = 2% damage/DR.
4% = 6% damage/DR.
8% = 14% damage/DR.
16% = 30% damage/DR.
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