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"Hundred Mask Witch" Character Abillity
applicable BYOND Key -Van Fenrir2
Character Name - Mirage
Request Type - Character Abillity/Magical Artifacts

Request Details - Basically I am playing a character who likes to swap disguises on the fly. She is an Illusionist/Shapeshifter to go along with it, shaping her forms to her liking with a mixture of both skills and magical Masks maybe alchemy too(I use Disguise orbs for that or even mask of the night lord, but only for short-term 'transformations' as its still mostly illusion based.) this wouldn't give her any other advantages aside from being a good illusionist and well, the usual identity swapping that many people do anyway and I feel the orbs are partly meant for anyway. So she can drop out of the heat and into hiding if need be.

Reasons why I'm making this request -I think the concept of Illusionist/Shapeshifters pretty cool, and if it gives me the excuse to turn into a vorpal rabbit to do Monty Phytons Holy Grail rabbit, thats worth it! Memes aside, its just easier for a more morally black/grey character to do things, when they can belnd in. this is to big parts because of how the game works OOCly and playing such a character would actually boot me out of RP if I didn't do things like that with them.

Lore: Mirage is an Scientiest with a heavy Focus on Monster-research and Alchemy. For the Forbidden Nature of her research she often swaps faces to fade out of the public face or to do things unnoticed. For that she has Studied the arts of Illusions/shapeshifting in great detail to even adjust physical shapes a bit. An infiltrator and thief who often likes to take on new positions to see if there would anything coming from them, that would help her in her research.

The Masks: The Magical masks she creates that imprint the form onto them, are the catalyst for the Shape to be maintained over a longer period, they are invisible usually but should they be broken by chance, then the disguise/shape would vanish returning her to her original shape that she took before donning the mask. Each mask has one Unique imprint onto them and needs to be carefully crafted with the help of Alchemy and magic.

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