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Heaven Below is too annoying to stack
[Image: unknown.png]

In PvE scenarios, where this is the only time it shines anywhere, it's super annoying to be properly used when you have party members. Could this be changed to make this passive as a whole less frustrating to be used? For example, having to defeat at minimum 3 enemies for a measible +10% EXP/Loot Rate doesn't make all the struggle worth for, and the struggle itself to not be damaged at all makes this a very dull fighting style to go for.

So here's what I'd personally think would make this skill less complicated and more fun to use:

- You gain a permanent, non-dispellable, non-stealable status effect called Heaven Below at the start of combat, at LV1.

- If Heaven Below's LV is higher than 1, every time you take damage higher than 15% of your maximum HP or that you have Weakness to, once per enemy, once per round, the LV is decreased by 3.

- If Heaven Below's LV reaches 0 or under, the effect is removed.

- Once per round, activating Hell Above's damage on an enemy increases the LV of Heaven Below by 3 (max LV = 10).

- Defeating an enemy while under this effect increases Heaven Below to LV10 and restores the HP/FP of all your Bonded Youkai (summoned or not) by LV * 10.

- Damage dealt below Parted Pain's threshold is increased by LV * 3% (Doubled against non-boss, non-monster enemies).

- At the end of combat, you will gain EXP/Loot Rate bonuses equal to LV * 2%.
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yes please.
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meanwhile performers just get all those benefits permanently as a passive.
Ordinarily I would be all for changing this to be more useful. But seeing as Bonder is still one of the more offensive classes from a balance standpoint, I feel it should just be gutted in the first place and overhauled entirely. The skill, not the class. I'm not even close to that hopeful.

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