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Nyxosa the Shifter - Character Ability Request
Applicable BYOND Key - TorientalVortX
Character Name – Nyxosa Nakiya
Request Type - Ability Request
Request Details - The Ability to invoke cursed blood, magic to increase the duration and in turn, risk factor of Chaotic Form, Grow Appendage, and shapeshifting as a result in pure RP.
Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) – Nyx is someone who uses the arts of shapeshifting very haphazardly, having grown up with this art it is reasonable to expect she’s attempted her own experiments with it to try and ‘improve’ it with the assistance of her many youkai friends. Many times, having neared this possession and the likes. This request serves to face some of the risks that have thus raised because of it. This method comes to action by using her cursed blood through acts such as the spilling of it, to increase temporarily the duration of her shapeshifting in RP aspects only. This in turn making her able to sustain these temporary forms for longer at the costs of even more risk associated. (Similar to the concept of self-destructive shifting) 
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request –
Roleplay – Nyx has been roleplayed as is, as a character who invokes a new shifted form within nearly every round of combat, maintain constantly new growing appendages from her many various fox youkais at the constant cost of her health pool. The character possessing the cursed blood trait has been roleplayed akinned to part of these risk caused by shifting in suffering light mutations that will likely cause more issues down the line.

It does not seem to me, at the least, too far fetched to assume she may try to make use of her cursed blood in an attempt to prolong these forbidden methods of shapeshifting in her curious yet experimental nature from say, the general perceived minute per form of a rough estimate of install duration to something more akin to 2-3 minutes.  (The healers huts are already becoming all too familiar with her visits as is…)
Lore – Shapeshifting as is lore wise, has been acknowledged already in the taxing effort it places on the host of such as seen on the wiki for reference of in-game. It is also known towards its costing of the user’s own health to manage the abilities that are required through the very painful process involved with things like grow appendage and the likes. IE Meld Form and such costing 5% of hp as is. While cursed blood is implied in flavor text to be cursed by a higher entity or vile sorcerer, it does not seem too far fetched to assume that the mixing of individual and youkai is not something to be seen as unnatural by the greater world and thus an essential curse of a mutation.
Approved, so long as this remains purely as an RP thing.
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