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Kunai's Weapons
Disclaimer @ Dev: This can be modified however you deem like, the following is just a suggestion of how I'd observe this as a weapon, but this is an initial idea for a weapon that I think should be more generalized, so more character themes can fit in SL2. The only requests in particular are A) Make it 9* so it cannot be mutated, and B) Make it shoot a lot of rounds. The rest is more for funsies. Do it for my birthday, boss man!

[Image: image.png]
Name: Minigun / Gattling Gun
Worth: 150 Murai

Power: 20
Critical: 0% (110%)
Accuracy: 70%
Weight: 20

Attack Range: 4
Rounds: 8

Material: Iron
Damage Type: Pierce

Type: Heavy Gun
Sub-Type: Launcher

Rarity: 9*

Description: A heavy firearm that fires multiple bullets through a cycling triad of barrels, which make it attack more often, but the weapon can overheat easily and cause horrible burns if overused.

Item Effect(s):
- Every time you basic attack an enemy with this weapon, you gain or empower the effects of Warming Up, for 2 rounds.

- Warming Up increases Hit and Critical Damage of this weapon by (LV*5) (Max LV = 5). At LV5, attacking with this weapon also deals Fire physical damage to yourself and your enemy, equal to the weapon's Power. (Ignores protection, cannot be resisted nor absorbed).

Stat Scaling - Firearms
60% GUI
40% SKI

Potential Skill - Spread Shot
- Target a Cone shape (5) ((Enhanced Fire Breath, for reference)) and inflicts them with Covering Fire LV15 for 2 rounds, then perform a basic attack on all enemies in the area with a penalty to Hit (-10).

If your Warming Up is at maximum level, they will also be inflicted with Burn LV(Weapon Power * 3) for 5 rounds.

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[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
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This is actually pretty cool, please add.

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