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Dungeon Camping
We've recently had the addition of building campfires out in the world but at the moment they can't be used in dungeons. Can this be changed so we can make campfires in a dungeon for that comfy dungeoning experience? They aren't dense objects as far as I'm aware; but if they are, they could be destroyed or made non-dense to prevent misuse.

To double up on suggestions! Can we have placeable chairs and stools for player characters? They could disappear on reboot if persistence becomes an issue.

give us better dungeon rp dev
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I, Chugma, approve this message.

Dungeons have massive potential for RP, and I think that facilitating it more would make for some very strong scenes/stories.
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Camping in dungeons is an integral light novel experience.

Give us barrier stones or what have you so we can make temporary safe zones inside too.
This is a cool idea.
I second this.
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Yes. And make campfires and camping benefit you on adventures. Like giving an XP buff for x battles if you rest with your party at a campfire for a while

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