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The Wishing Tree
[Image: coollogo_com-26346119.png]

In between The Arena and Dormeho lies a small patch of forest with a clearing and solitary tree in the center.

Attached to the tree are various notes from people who pass by with their wishes written on them.

Some reasonable, some not.

Word and rumor has spread that if you write down your wish and name before leaving it at the tree, it will come true. For many, this has been the case, enough that it's began to garner some notoriety.

Rumors surround the tree, that it's some sort of spirit or force of magic.. and some have said they see a knight tending the tree from time to time.

Perhaps it warrants some investigation, be it to leave your own wish, or to find the source of its benevolent effects.

DM Karidan#4463 on Discord if you're interested.
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