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Request to have extra arms on a Salamandra (I know I have a problem.)
Applicable BYOND Key: SatanicMegiddo (MIGHT be another key if I can't free up a space, will edit this post to reflect that if so. )
Discord: Satan឵#0616
Character Name: Levi D. Venus, Alias: Serpentine Devil.

Request Type: Character Extras ( Limbs/Appendages.)
Request Details: My character has extra parts in their body that is typically unconventional, as stated in the description I've given to them. Which is as follows: A second set of arms. 

All I want is to play a Salamandra with four arms. I could say their creator made them that way perhaps to be twice as helpful when it comes to physical labor or more dexterous things. 
I don't have any other special reasoning other than that they were given that by their creators- I will not treat this as an advantage over other players save for where it applies, such as ic physical activity and the like, and I will ensure people know ahead of time this character has four arms. 

If there are NATIONAL REQUIREMENTS or someone I need to let know of their existence of, for the sake of IC, I will do so. I intend to make this character in Korvara, which is why I bring this up.

I am aware extra arms comes with advantages of the physical kind, and I promise to play responsibly. I'm not trying to ruin anybody's fun- just trying to have fun myself.  

Other than that they'd be a normal Salamandra,  scales, potential tail if they can have one?  Very fiery.  I wanted to say they were based off the Terra Flama lizards but my eyes seemed to have perceived extra legs in the sprite where there is none. In which case, I might give their fluff that their scales appear to be draconic wherever present. I plan to have the scales mostly present on their arms, this would be the case even if they had only one set of arms-  and on their tail. If.. Salamandras can have tails. If not, thats fine by me. 

I'm asking for permission to go ahead and have this before I make the character- yes the appearance matters to me and I'd very much appreciate being able to portray a Salamandra in this way.  Upon making the character I promise to post their details  (character name, alias, and a picture of their profile here)  So that it can easily be kept track of. No shady business. 

I'm asking for nothing else but an extra set of arms this time around. No tentacles, no spikes, no extra eyes  (thank you very much for approving me on that last time though. <3 )

If theres any extra questions you have on my wish here, please feel free to ask. I will answer them clearly and to the point.
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Character has been approved by Kpec (only stating this so no other GM's look at this and make the effort), I'm going to produce the promised information once I make the character.

All their information has been posted in the discord. I will paste a picture here for the sake of documentation, with this the character is made and This app can go into the filing cabinet.
[Image: X5A19mJ.png]

With that I'm all done. Thanks again for the approval. 
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