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Empty Pockets
Empty Pockets is so very niche. It only activates upon evading a basic attack, and then you need to use steal to activate it.
I believe it should be buffed to apply on evading any attack, not just a basic attack. 
The game should have more ways to inflict restrain in my opinion.
We should compile a list of skills that are totally useless and need to be looked at. Empty Pockets is old. Nowadays every rogue has 100% chance to steal anyway
Empty Pockets should be triggering on non-basic attack evasion procs now, that was the point of the system revamp. If it does not that actually sounds like a bug to me.
pretty sure it does actually. Atleast thats my memory from last I tested when I made a buff thread about it.
Then I guess it needs to change its description, it specifically says basic attack.

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