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Yin Yang Buff?
I was thinking maybe we could change the Yin and Yang to make them easier to build for. There original scaling is 60 Guild and then 40 Res/Faith depending. But I figure maybe it would be cool to change that to 50 Guile and 50 Skill, and then have each to extra Dark or Light Damage depending on which gun it is.
You've got the completely wrong sub-forum for this bud, this one is for sprite donations. Balance-fu is where you want to post this sort of suggestion.

I don't think the scaling is too awful in the context of the guns, since you can reasonably skip either FAI/RES by ensuring the weaker gun is the off-handed one for Akimbo/Twin Dance as the swa isn't too big a factor (Also they are 70/40 scalings, not 60/40s). I think if we're just talking for a buff the guns themselves as a whole, the better spot to look at improvement is their Double Dao bonus effect, as additional rounds with the new gun mechanics aren't that much of a boon anymore besides allowing more hit/crit rolls.
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Im Dyslexic I thought this said Suggestions XD Thats on me

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