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Cruel Commander
1: Make the buff 5 rounds (that's a lot of investment for a measly 3 rounds)

2: make it proc rapier of resent
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I am probably biased, cause I love that set up so much but...Yes please.
I'd accept 4 rounds, but 5 would be usable atleast
Since the first time I saw it I have also been of the mind of 'really cool but completely impractical' in regards to cruel commander. A longer duration and making it proc youkai/ally death effects for cool synergy would make it more worthwhile.
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I'd opt for four rounds. I've played around with cruel commander, and the fact it costs 3m, (Not counting any M for summoning the youkai you may use if not using your auto summon) and only lasts 3 rounds was a big drawback, and I basically was forced to use extend void to make it a little more viable.

Five rounds I may also be fine with, but i'd also be fine with it being turned to 1m instead of 3.

(Keep in mind you can't summon any youkai while the buff is active.)

In fact i'd just prefer if it cost 1m instead of 3, I Think that'd make it a lot more usable, and would put the momentum cost more in line with similar moves like screamer and whatever baphomet's offering's thing was called.
5 rounds.

Ain't nobody got time for that, I'm telling you. Most buffs that cost 3M are such a waste of your DPS nowadays that if they don't last long you'll be losing to anyone who preferred to wail down on you during all your momentum investment.
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If we're increasing it to 5, lower the strength to 60 or less. 3 momentum for 80 STR is MASSIVE.
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(02-04-2023, 05:59 PM)Senna Wrote: If we're increasing it to 5, lower the strength to 60 or less. 3 momentum for 80 STR is MASSIVE.
eh its 6m or 3m and sacrificing your auto summon, also locks out of summoning until it expires.
It locking you out of summoning is good and all but nothing is stopping you from summoning them beforehand as youkais themselves add to DPS overall or just use summoning storm and summon 6 even while under the effect (Yes, that works). So you can just walk up to one of the many you summoned, use the ability, now you have 80 SCALED strength regardless of race.

As I've mentioned before, this is one of those items, if you buff too much will instantly become a meta pick with pending nerf threads. This is why I'd rather the trade of lowering the scaling for longer duration than increasing the duration by so much while still keeping the 80. Because at that point, nothing is stopping you from making a doom tank and gain that much top tier strength for that long.
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I'm honestly not very scared of a summoner that takes that long to get his damage stat running and then can't summon. It's akin in power to death knighting imo, which often means 50% more damage. I think 5 rounds is fine. Plus if you run out the 5 rounds you suddenly do presumably trash damage.

I can see it being scary in some setups, but not something I could ever see dominate the meta. At most it's a stat efficiency build with more damage than most people but dependent on a buff with opportunity cost.

It's fun! Hell, if it becomes meta? That's a new IC plot point baby, you're literally killing your youkai, you're a cruel tyrant, deal with the social and perhaps legal repercussions.
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