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Light Shaft
One suggestion: Light shaft not affecting the user and their allies.
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Curate's currently the worst griefer in combat thanks to Brighten. I tend to not use that skill anymore solely because I can also fuck up my allies' days.

If anything, make this a 1-SR Talent under Solmancy, similar to Ninjitsu's Smoke Bomb nullification for self and allies.
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Tiles should not affect allies, dark water included.
That's loaded. .. Not entirely sure i agree.
Dark water and shine rays are some of the very strongest tiles you can make, so there should at least be some drawback to spamming them around.
But in terms of curate's brighten, I agree that it can be pretty punishing if your teamate just uses it willy nilly.

They are however still one of the best anti-hit tools for evasives. . . So just making it so you can camp in them feels kinda cracked.
Thus why I believe it can be tied to Talents, so it's not as "free".
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Throwing a talent and potentially a trait point is in fact pretty free i'd say, honestly.
Its not like its too bad to get ninjutsu if you wanna abuse smokescreens.
Dark Water's been discussed to get a rework before to not have it be so skewed into taking away an enemy's entire stat investment. This change would obviously accompany that (The new form of Dark Water likely would reduce Status Res I believe was brought up, and perhaps Critical Evade as well.)

But since this thread is about Light Shafts, why does Mass + Brighten actively grief my team, you're making your side of the field a more disadvantageous situation in some situations, and just like my argument with Sanctuary, you should not be able to so easily be able to demerit your team on the simple premise of just trying to help them, anyone who isn't aware of these detrimental effects to their own team will mindlessly use these effects and it is their allies who will be punished for this usage, not always them. This is a knowledge gap that is simply not necessary to include.

Sorry to say but there is not much argument to be had here, Renowner, the fact these tiles still affect allies is outdated, and I assure you if Cinders could affect your allies as well, the argument would be flipped, even if 20 damage a round is arguably not nearly as bad as -15 to hit while standing in a certain tile.
Cinders aren't really that detrimental anymore, and frankly if they affected my allies i'd just install firefox and profit.
Being able to create an absurd field of light shafts that grant maximum ignite power and also nerf people's hit by a whopping 30, on top of also massively buffing your team's resistances is incredibly powerful. Removing the one and only drawback mass+Brighten has would put an already absurd ability over the edge in my opinion.
I honestly want dark water to stay as is. But light shafts from brighten are just a pain in the ass. Plus it makes you unable to click on people

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