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Titan Gale
Was going to put this in bug reports because I assumed it couldn't be intended, but apparently it was.
If you, a confused person, (Extremely easy to do by eating fungus off your equipment or using betrayer's wit), strike an ally with titan gale. . . They just instantaneously gain the buff.

No cooldown. Easily +50-120 SWA depending on how hard you went into wind attack. This flies in the face of how it usually works. You strike someone with titan gale, then that person has to be defeated to give the active buff to the person who defeated them.

I think it'd be perfectly fine if you could hit your ally with titan gale, defeat them, and then gain the buff for yourself; however it is definitely overpowered to an extreme to be able to spend 3m to slap someone for a bit of damage and then grant them around double their scaled weapon attack. . . For ten rounds.
(Especially when self confuse always works and only costs 1m)

Because did I mention? The titan gale status you get from defeating an enemy only lasts for 5 rounds. But the initial status lasts for 10 rounds. . .And the initial status is being applied to your ally, and still buffing their SWA. So its base duration is 10!
[Image: 2e7fc3e33d.png]
(This was done in the test server with a guy who had no celerity, so no wind attack. In actual battle it'd be anywhere from 60 to 120 in all likelyhood)

Can even keep it at level 1 to lower the damage, and have your allies wear wind resistant items so they take almost nothing from it. Or just yeet it at some mechs or mercenaries.

I definitely feel like this should be a bug, but if its not, i'll put it in balance fu instead. The 10 duration application of the move should not under any circumstances grant the SWA buff.
But it's cool Smile
I mean fundamentally I agree with you, it is the beginning of an unhealthy interaction and is one of the consequences of self-confusion, but I also was hoping people would get to have some fun with it for a little while.
I mean yeah...But it do be cool though <.<
I think the coolness is already just going to be, titan galing an ally to defeat them. That's already a very powerful strategy. No need to take it a step even further. This feels like something that should be fixed ASAP to me, its too abusable.
Considering the fact you need betrayer's wit to use it effectively, we're looking at essentially a type of support build that has titan gale confusion as their main source of juice.

Consider the fact that a support healer in pvp or pve is extremely powerful already.

Consider the fact that confusion is gonna potentially mess with your aoes or healing even if you're a full support.

To be honest it's one of those cases where I'm down to see it ride out until it actually is an observable problem. Someone actually needs to make that wacky powerful build
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It doesn't need to be changed, solely due to the scarce amount of times you ever really see it being used.
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When it becomes game breaking, sure, until then, let it rock.
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I'm of the opinion that this is a slippery slope and should be nipped in the butt. I don't think this interaction is healthy at all. I'm okay with the fact that you can grant your allies a buff in this manner but I believe the granted SWA should be much lower when inflicted this way. I believe working for the titan ghost status when defeating the enemy serves a purpose as to why they deserve a huge jump in SWA, where as this is a pretty simplified version of granting a massive buff. I also think "it's cool" doesn't really contribute any critique of value to the topic at hand.
You also don't at all need betrayer's wit to confuse yourself. Its extremely easy to fit self confuse onto basically any build.

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