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Crafting List Expansion
I think that a majority of items below rarity level 7 should be craftable, it would also give much more purpose to Blacksmith among the other highly sought after professions. I'm not completely sure on what you would do for anything at rarity level 8 and 9, if anything at all, but I firmly believe if those should be craftable they should cost rare metal to create, as well as probably some other rare materials.

There really isn't much more to this thread because there doesn't need to be, I just believe these should exist personally, given the relevance of certain crafters like Blacksmiths, Tailors and Woodworkers. It would also give immensely more value to your side-profession, being able to craft from a more expansive list even at lvl 4, not being able to make the best items, but also being able to create a bulk of items still.
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Yes, please. Adding far more of the currently drop-only items to craft recipes would give more weight to crafting materials AND make said crafting materials easier to attain via random drops that you then break for the materials they now yield because they're craftable.

Higher rarity items can simply have more valuable materials needed for them. It's weird that rare metal isn't even used to craft items that can generate it on breakdown, honestly.

I'd be of the mind of having level 70-80+ mobs drop some kind of new uncommon material that could be used for 9* recipes, as an example.

The new mobs (minotaurs, sunken forest mobs, yetis, wild snow crows, etc) could drop said uncommon material, maybe something unique to each new 60-80 dungeon? It'd provide a much needed desirable item to act as a gold-standard for trading and give a reason to farm those dungeons as opposed to Lava Lake ad infinitum.

Though the biggest issue this would solve is how difficult it is to obtain a specific high rarity item when your only recourse is rolling on a table that has everything in the game by killing the easiest high level mobs you can find/looting every chest you can reasonably get at.
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I agree with Trex's points, I fully believe that being able to grind end-game dungeons and gather materials to work towards your final build is just as much in the game's spirit of encouraging roleplay as any other method. The alternative being to grind items to find money to just pay for something down the line.
as a person who generally thinks that gear, even the best gear(within limitations of its difficulty), should be entirely within player agency, I would welcome any step that puts more weight on the crafters and crafting systems. In Korvara that has become much more important than in G6 with the premise of it being player run.

So yes, anything that puts more depth/value into Crafting and out-of-combat activities is something I really much want to see put more time into.
Almost everything should be craftable
I think I've been whining about it for a while now, we do need more craftable items. Having to be on that grind for low level items that you wanna make funny things with is a drag. As if LV8/9/10 drops are not annoying enough.
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Please. I've been grinding for specific items for god knows how long, hours and hours and hours per day. All just for one character. Please. Make it stop. This isn't roleplaying. Make everything outside of 10*s craftable, make the materials for the really high level stuff found in the hardest content. Something, anything.
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More motivation to craft means more motivation to RP, grind for mats, and make actual progression instead of throwing hours of the day towards % chances. And helps set up something of an economy.
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