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Korvara Event Map
In SL2, an event map is a map that is prepared for use in an event. These are some event maps from the late days of the great six.
[Image: SPOILER_image.png]
[Image: SPOILER_image.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
Commonly in those days, the player housing system was used to create event spaces to represent enviornments that didn't already exist in the SL2 overworld. But these are different. These are .jpg images sewn together using an eventmin's ability to spawn objects in the map, and are just spawned in empty map tiles that any player was able to spawn in the great six using the camping system. When prepared and layered properly, they can create any enviornment in the live game just from an image applied over an empty background. I'll call it the 'Fake Map Trick'.
Korvara doesn't have player housing anymore. So one huge avenue we had to use to create player-driven and eventmin-driven stories is gone. But I'm not here to call for it's return. Because there's an alternative option; the fake map trick is still totally possible in Korvara. We could use that. If we had an empty space for it.
What I'm calling for here is actually very simple. A map tile to be added to Korvara that is completely empty. Just grass. Or walkable black void. Or anything. This map tile, the 'Korvara Event Map' as I am going to call it, would be inaccessable by players in normal gameplay. It could only be accessed by Admins/Eventmins using their teleport commands to bring themselves and others there. But the Event Map should ideally include an NPC or portal of some kind in the bottom corner in the case that unlucky players got stuck there, so they could use it to warp themselves back to Korvara without needing GM assistance.
With this tool, eventmins would have a space they could use to prepare the fake map trick without having to overwrite huge swaths of Korvara's actual terrain. Thus infinitely expanding the available types of enviornments and terrains they, and the players that work with them, could set stories in. 
It has been made clear in the past that Korvara's actual size is heavily abstracted for the purposes of gameplay. There are hundreds of places that would exist in Korvara, but don't, and adding in entirely new spaces to the island via the mapping team is a very tall, laborious, and time consuming demand. To say nothing of how quickly Korvara is running out of space for such ventures, and of how event spaces do not frequently need to be permanently accessable locations--Or could even be destroyed in the process of the event. 
I believe this solution would be the one that grants eventmins and the players who enjoy creating content the most options for the most reasonable amount of effort. The more such people are enabled, the more content rich the game becomes, and the more advanced the stories everyone can tell. If you support the idea, please leave a comment in the thread so that it can reach more people.
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This one is my personal favorite.
[Image: image.png]
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
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[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
I'll sacrifice a child to get this implemented.
[Image: nfxQVrc.png]
Not baby Deja JR!
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
This is something myself and others have been personally requesting for a while, I beg.
I support implementing an eventmin exclusive map, can attach it to a ruin or a building of some sort that can lead to some sort of liminal space, really doesn't matter as long as there can be something blocking the entrance.

I put an NPC gate in front of the Godly Stage when that was implemented, but of course I don't know if eventmin tools have progressed to the point of being able to add doors or not now.
Huh, interesting. I didn't even know about the "Fake map trick". But generally having an event space for eventmins to work in would probably be greatly appreciated.
I would love this so much. It sucks to have to go text-only when players are exploring an interior location
As one of the many who make these fake maps, I scream in yes please.
[Image: Empress_of_Light.gif]

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