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Ya-Ha! In another light..
So there a little interaction that happens when people wield the Swordfish Sword, on it own it a pretty normal sword and all that yeah? It has a fun little mechanic? Trait? Whatever you wanna call it, to which at the end of your sentences, you'll randomly go Ya-Ha!
So I'm making this as a request cause I'd like to see more little interactions like this, it neat and honestly fun to see as a fluff moment, especially in Korvara where you can just look at someone who made a random noise and get a laugh out of it, or whatever else.

A added effect to taking Play Cute, when your doing your say/shouts, there a random % chance; same as what the swordfish swords' is, that you'll go "Nyaa!~" or something similar on that, will it make people take the trait even less? Maybe. Is that really a loss? Not really.

Only feel mildly cursed for suggesting this but I'd also just find it to be funny/cute interaction over all really.. only disadvantage I can think of this aside from possibly making people cringe and go off OOCly for someone taking it [Insert the joke of "haha cat girl did the cringe nyaa here] is your going to know when someone has the play cute trait.. but that isn't going to really give any mechanical advantages or anything like that, since you can already tell when someone takes the one-hand trait cause it shows up in the equipment page after all.

Anyway I ask you all to help encourage this, and honestly suggest if there any little interactions you'd like to see a item/trait/etc. give similar to the Swordfish Sword! I know it a older item by far so I can understand why it not really followed, but I support giving more little fluffs on that for roleplay personally!
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Incredibly cursed.

Add it now.
Me, picking play cute on a serious, manipulative antagonist and going "Nyaa~" before rolling on the ground and making everyone fall to my insidious charms
I'd love to see a trait where there's things like the swordfish sword but people are allowed to choose the word said, dood. All within reason obviously, but it'd be neat to see little quirks like that as RP traits.
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I hate it so much, that I love it again. I see no harm in it.
Fun fact: Did you know that if you use Play Cute while suffering from a burn status, your character will instead say "Nyaaa!!!" and the animation of them rolling around is considerably faster? I thought that was pretty funny.
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Kek, that is pretty funny, I didn't know that.
I am one of the people who would take play cute in spite of the risk.

Heck I'd make a character SPECIFICALLY for this.

Do it.
I like stuff like this.
Trait: Verbal Tick

You have a favorite word or catch-word that you can sometimes speak subconsciously in a conversation. Upon obtaining this trait, you'll be prompted to insert a single word. Sometimes, during Say, Whisper or Shout, this word will be added to the end of your sentence, in italics.
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