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Character Application: Blood Eyes
Applicable BYOND Key - Snowsen
Character Name - Hidden (DM for name)
Request Type - Ability/RP Character ability.
Request Details -  Pure Bloodlust

A powerful death aura that may create illusions based on the person. Anything created solely out of the user’s bloodlust. When active, this bloodlust infects everyone nearby. The fight-or-flight response of those impacted will have an effect. It has a structure based on the person it affects and the instincts it awakens in them.
  • Those who are ready to fight yet have self-preservation are nonetheless impacted by this, but to a much lower extent. Something that could make others feel a little anxious or make them wary. It is up to the victim how they resist or how much it affects them.
  • Those who are only concerned with their own survival do not want to fight, but prefer to live. The people most impacted by this will be those who desire to continue living. If they do not leave the location, illusions of their demise will repeatedly play until they pass out. The victim decides how long it takes and how they effectively resist it.
  • Those who don’t want to fight but are always eager to give up their lives have a desire to die. Normally, this aura doesn’t affect them because they have no fear of dying. They can’t get rid of the fear that their bodies could get incapacitated.
  • These folks are just too vicious to be influenced by this effect; they both want to fight and desire to die. They simply see the user getting ready for battle. Nothing more and nothing less.
How is the rating calculated? It works on a dangerous scale. The individual will select one of the four alternatives based on the amount of risk and what they wish to accomplish. But if the user activates this Aura, they must consent to being in a level 3 or 4 of danger.
  • Danger level 1~2 individuals will be impacted. 3 to a much lesser extent; they can handle it, but it is undoubtedly a terrifying experience. The fourth degree of danger is unaffected. These are those who are willing to risk their lives.
A fear factor and also an out to give individuals that does not want to fight or be around a danger level 3~4 scene.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - DM for more info but public reason….Something that developed within the character itself. Its lawful evil nature showing as well as its weaponizing its bloodlust.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - It's base on things like Death Gaze, Black Knight's intimidating and so on. 
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I can approve the effects it has on players if players get to choose how well they can resist this ability and they are also able to locate the user within a close enough vicinity.

I would also ask for a reasonable limit as to how many individuals it can effect as well as not being able to use this power to automatically influence NPC's in a large public area without the supervision of an eventmin or in a more private area.
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I had no real intention of using it on public NPCs without an EM present. I'd say the limit is a small group; those who can witness/sense/look at the character. If they're not doing any of those, they're unaffected.
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[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
That sounds fair. Make sure you know what the people consent to the danger levels are in for so they don't complain about it afterwards.

You can go ahead with my approval.
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