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Korvara - Bringing in the 6+ UL to town
I think the blacksmith stamp from G6 could be changed to provide a smaller boost like with other stamps previously changed to 1% effects and the default max for upgrading items should just be up to +6.

As more and more players grow in power levels and amassing their 10*s and other items that seemed to be balanced around the +6 UL (every player will eventually want to fully upgrade their gear.) 

This will be good for the Korvara economy as people have too much money and they should support their local blacksmith NPCs.

The Gainer Forge have had their monopoly hold on the fabled +6 upgrade stamp for too long and it belongs to the people!
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Will Korvaran's greed know no bounds, trying to take our stamps!?
What next, our races too!!i!?

Honestly I would prefer something like a Crystal Terminal Upgrade offering it. (Which would also open up the potential floodgates of obtaining both and +7ing your gear for maximum power)
Whatever method works really, I do miss the 24 UL Tiers of certain weapons such as Buzzing Chakram and Spine Leash, here is a list of items I noted to have upgrade level tiers that rely on 6 UL instead of 5 UL:

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If it's added, I prefer not as an upgrade to a system- I'd rather have it just be inherent. It'd just make grinding new characters more difficult. Not that that would be a problem for me, due to frequent repurposing, but just for the general population.
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I think Crystal Terminal upgrade is the best course of action considering how much is tied into that system already. It wouldn't be much different than unlocking the stamp on mainland.
I can't wait to have to drag all of my characters to a terminal and then run to a blacksmith so I don't fall behind in terms of optimization. It's not like money is easy to make in Korvara versus G6 either. I would prefer if grinding became more rewarding and fun first! (bring back crazy dungeon) Then I wouldn't mind added minmax requirements... I don't really enjoy grinding in korvara (going to fire lake for the 200th time) so making money is a chore, on top of being slower
As for my serious answer, I do not see a problem with giving Korvara +6 weapons as Sigrogana characters do not intereact with Korvara characters, it seems like it wouldn't matter if they can copy stuff from G6.

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