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Korvara Quest Book Changes
I would like an additional function be added to the quest log. A tab in it that the player can write and read in at any time in game. It could serve as a personal note book/diary for each character. For example each player gets the equivalent of 50 note pages or so to jot down details more quickly and fluidly than using the character profile or running a separate program. These pages could be used to track character relation-ships, to do lists, pre-type emotes, and anything else the player needs to write down.

Korvara doesn't have traditional quests, so the quest log is basically useless there as far as I know. Books and notepages can be crafted, but they are awkward to use. They have a max of 10 pages to work with, weigh down the player, require a full talent point to manipulate, and can be lost upon death. Right now I store most of my character info in a spread sheet, but having something like this I can access in game without swapping to any other program would be a great quality of life change.
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