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Max Rolled Items on Test Server
What the title says. I don't get why all of the items you have to roll for end up at minimum values when picking them out from the gear chest, like crocodile bands being at +1 WIL and +1 DEF instead of +3 WIL and +2 DEF.

Please make all of them at their max values so we can accurately build around these items.
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Simple answer. On live items dont start maxed either and being able to see what base stats are helps with both updaring the wiki and certain mathmatical equations.
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But if a new item starts base, how do you know what it's max is? I don't think that's really much of a reason why we can't get max bands, since it's more indicative for testing of what people would actually use.

Save for CoMC which has so many rolls that the max is impossible.
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Seeing the minimum on test doesn't help us put stuff on the wiki any more than seeing the maximum. It's besides the point anyway, as testing is about testing, and people don't use gear with minimum rolls

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