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Arcane Tattoo Fist
Give us a second trait in this line that gives us the ability to use the Arcane Tattoo Fist for casting spells if we have no shield / weapon in our subhand without having to have Martial Artist equipped to do so. Mostly just for build flexibility purposes, as otherwise the trait is useless for everyone not using MA.
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I personally think this would be a bit too much versatility. The whole point of arcane fist is to work with MA. Adding a str casting tool to literally every class kinda sounds like a bad idea, even though it would not be very good without that one empty fist passive. We already have so so many ways of getting casting tools, I don't think this is needed.
It'd probably be more worth discussing if we're reaching a saturation of enchantments to maybe consider allowing two enchantments on a piece of gear.

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