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Free for all
Just as the title suggest. A battle option that allows us to fight (Probably party members), in a free for all.
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Confusion is there, so why not? It should be simple to just make it be a fight where everybody is inflicted with a pseudo version of Confusion that lasts 999 rounds and when/if you lose, you cannot end fight unless there is one alive opponent standing on either team.

Call it "Realism mode".
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I would love if dev implemented a system to have multiple teams, like 2v2v2 would be cool for instance. But for now a hacky way to have a simple free for all would be awesome. Confusion would fuck over characters that summon allies though.
Make a 'Limited Confusion' status. Allies are affected unless they're summoned by you. Also applies Limited Confusion TO your summoned allies. (And probably remove the animation for Confusion when dealing with Limited Confusion just to stop visual spam.)

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