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(REALLY) Tall Character Sprite Guide/Giant Armor Appreciation Guide
A Guide for Making Giant Armor Character Sprites
Attempting to use this guide while implementing character faces is ill-advised. I shall not be liable for any atrocities you make in your attempts.

Find a good torso
-Torsos with zero skin exposed work best for this method. Doing so would help create an illusion of a lower body, an essential aspect for the next step.
-Samples include:
  • [Image: z9VoKZM.png]
2. Find a good cape/back accessory
-A good cape/back accessory fulfills the following conditions:
  • It can cover your face
  • It looks cool with your torso
-Some of my favorites to accomplish this step:
  • [Image: L4ZFivM.png]
3.Adjust the Y-Level of your cape/back accessory
-Select the cape/back accessory you'll be using to cover up your face, it won't be seeing the light of day ever again.
-Adjust its elevation with the Y+ or Y- command
[Image: ELFvbQe.png]
This is done so that the cape/back accessory acts as your new torso, while your torso acts as your legs.
-Don't overdo it or a reminder of what was shall resurface (your old head).
  • Higher Y-Levels can make you extremely tall, but they tend to make your character look lanky. This is especially useful for cultist/robed characters.
[Image: mw6ig1K.png][Image: Zwj4Lhc.png]
  • Lower Y-Levels can give a stocky build appearance, ideal for armored characters (fellow armor appreciators wya)
[Image: BOTZEZa.png][Image: mxcoHgD.png]
-You may need to fiddle around with the layers if your other hats/accessories are being covered.
-If you can't seem to bring an item(a) to the front-most layer as it is being covered up by a different item(b), try bringing item(b) back to a lower layer.

4. Accessorize as you deem fit
-Masks, helmets, and headbands can all co-exist, but not with similar types (helmets can't stack with helmets, masks to masks, etc.).
-Your hats become your new head, adjust their Y-Level so that they are positioned above your cape/back accessory (You can also emulate a hunch back by not doing this)
-Adjusting the character size is optional, but it may make your character sprite look even larger
[Image: KwYN7bK.png]

5.Wakka-Wakka Effect
-Hats that are too spaced apart may break apart when moving, sometimes this creates the "Wakka-Wakka" effect where a helmet and a mask move separately from one another and this resembles Pac-Man opening and closing their mouth. To fix this, just adjust the Y-Level of the affected headwear so that either the effect is less-pronounced or there is no breakage at all.

6. Actual Height Values IC
-Do note that you'll need actual approval for IC height. You can apply for approval in the Applications->Character Applications thread for height requests.

And thus the guide concludes. Go forth and spread chaos you glorious giants
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