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Boots uneqipped
Not sure if this is a legacy bug or a common one, because I feel like I've heard this one talked about before.

Boots unequipped themselves, while still being equipped.

Relevant pics:

[Image: OY7NXwh.png]
[Image: zshClE3.png]
(Showing no debuffs)
[Image: 5oSEXPO.png]
(Stats in combat, 54 scaled Wil)
[Image: ETj6xYV.jpeg]
Stats out of combat, showing 60 scaled.

Still reporting it because it's frustrating to not realize until mid-combat that your boots aren't registering.
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I believe this bug has been going on for a long time where sometimes on login equipped items won't register their effects until you reequip something.

See for the most recent report I could find on the bug.
Yeah, this happens fairly often. Sometimes I have to unequip most things and even relog for it to fix itself. At least it hasn't broken even more, and it's hard to replicate. Sad
[Image: Y8FFQj7.jpg]
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If you can give me a way to reproduce this or a character who logs in with the bug in effect, let me know.

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