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Weaponry Changes
Just a SMALL change to weaponry. Itty bitty. Miniscule, even.

Can we please put Tome's Weapon talent, Fluency, inside of Weaponry?

I'd also ask for Two-Hand to be put in there. But I'm not going to hold by breath on that one, since I think Ninjutsu is put in there for Dagger's weaponry talent.

Now you might be thinking.

"This is just a buff for Mastery of Weapon Arts isn't it?"

ANd you'd be right. It's dumb that I have to sink 25 talent points into abilities I, literally, will never use to gain access to a trait. Frankly, I'd prefer MoWA just. Not take 25 points. But I'll take a lightening on the requirements via fluency being shifted over there from Arcane.
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I kinda disagree with this. I don't see why your mastery over tomes, especially the literal ability to read, or store spells in your grimoire, would have anything to do with "weaponry"
Why does your mastery of ninjutsu / smoke bombs / mastery of maintaining weapons (including tomes) count for "weaponry" ?
I mean... tomes are a weapon. That's what they have to do with weaponry. The only one that doesn't really fit is reading, but the rest is definitely related to weaponry in the setting. Words are power, tomes are weapons, you can easily kill people with them. I think it'd be fitting.
Anything is a weapon if you're skilled. Ever been beat by a big rock?
TL;DR I support this change.
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I'd advocate for a nerf to the trait's requirements than shifting over an entire talent tree. 15 points are enough.
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I'd honestly rather have the trait be reworked than everyone dying to have it be more usable for x or y weapon type. It already kinda' goes against the intent of the skill to use it as a SWA boost instead of a means of using multiple weapon types more effectively.
I think its based off of the Idea that in the hands of a skilled warrior anything becomes a weapon. Knowing how to use multiple weapons , (such as investing soo many talent points in that sector) would make a char such a master.

Placing the "weapon talent" for books in there makes sense, but how would it be categorized?

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