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[2.81v2] Wild Ride gets interrupted by On Hit Knockback
Using a gun that has On Hit: Knockback effects causes Wild Ride to occasionally cancel before travelling the correct amount of tiles. This is most commonly noticeable when you use the basic Shotgun or the Crazy Coyote, but does occur with any weapon that inflicts knockback (and is a gun[such as a mutated Qinglongram]).

To replicate it, simply knock down your opponent with your preferred method (Clay Pidgeon, Double Down, etc.) and use Wild Ride. Even if you do not hit an obstacle, you will more than likely end up getting booted off before moving the proper distance.

Simply giving the opponent Knockback Immunity for the duration of the move or removing the On Hit effect from the Wild Ride basic attacks would resolve this bug. Or well, I assume it's a bug. I doubt it's intended.

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  • Bryce_Hego
Its back
Actually. After some more research*, I think I've found out that the knockback interrupting Wild Ride is, in fact, not random.

During the animation, your character spins around as they ride their opponent - and will shoot them facing whichever direction they were looking at during the animation.
If they're looking sideways (vertically if you're moving horizontally, or vice versa), the knockback will simply knock them 1 tile higher or lower, and continue the attack.

Whilst shooting them head on (the direction your Wild Ride) is going, you just simply knock them forwards and continue the attack regardless. However, if your character is facing the opposite way, the enemy is knocked backwards and thusly the move is interrupted. Might be the other way around, but I'm pretty sure it's the animation of the move.

Another possible fix for this issue would be simply removing the spinning animation and making it so your character constantly faces the direction Wild Ride is headed instead. This would allow it to never be interrupted by your own knockback moves.

I do believe simply making enemies ignore knockback (at least from On Hit: Knockback effects) or disabling it all together during Wild Ride is a better option, though. Constantly shooting your opponent forwards would make you travel twice as far than intended (12 tiles travelled instead of 6) and would end up giving you very few situations where you could use the move to it's full effect (due to bumping into the edges of the map, 12 tiles is plenty of distance after all).

*random observations through gameplay. it does check out though , whenever my character was facing downwards, the enemy would be knockback downwards, so on and so forth.

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Is Wild Ride supposed to attack the person you are riding?
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Wild Ride attacks both. It depends mostly on RNG (game randomly decides who to shoot at), but generally it will always favor other opponents, even if they are across the map.
In a 1v1 it will always shoot them though (unless they put down a summon).

If you are asking if it is intended, I'm pretty sure it is. It never specifies that the enemy you are riding is an exception. It just fires at a random opponent for every tile moved forward.

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  • Snake
This has been a bug for a while, a shame because dual shotgun DH is so badass!
This has been corrected in 2.82.

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