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Torsolessness Buff
There are classes that have some benefit from being torsoless, such as Evoker and Martial Artist promos, as well as the effects from Flex Off and Like A Dragon. However, as one could imagine, lacking a torso - or removing it from Flex Off - means you lack any stat bonuses, including evade.

Why is this a problem? Because Evoker and Martial Artist both benefit from Dodge, and as Like A Dragon synergizes with both MA and tattoos, it benefits from dodge as well. If what people say is true, torsoless has no dodge whatsoever, meaning a dodger just loses a large chunk of their already limited survivability just because they wanted to take advantage of Like A Dragon or the extra damage from Evoker's passive - and in dodge's current state, losing the massive buff to your base dodge that your torso grants basically forces you to either kite or outdamage your opponent.

Of course, having a torso without building for torsolessness should always be better than not having a torso, but it shouldn't gimp you just to take advantage of Flex Off/Pure Power. As such, I propose that lacking a torso should give a flat +20 to your dodge as if you were wearing a torso with an evade stat of 20. This puts it at a respectable evade stat that makes torsoless dodge gimmicks viable, but still makes traditional dodge-boosting torsos more viable than simply not having one unless you are doing a torsoless gimmick.
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I definitely agree that the Flex Off stuff doesn't synergize with evade builds well at all. There's the Swimsuit torso but that trades evade unaffected by the maximum evade cap for evade that is.

I'm not certain if there's an invisible item that handles having no torso or if it really is just entirely blank but... I'd say no torso by default should provide +10 Evade, Unarmored Prowess should additionally provide +10 Evade if no torso is equipped and Strongest Muscles should also provide +10 Evade.

All of these being the 'torso based' Evade ideally so they are unaffected by the Evade cap, I know +30 evade all together sounds like a lot but keep in mind that this is at the cost of your torso slot and whatever effects and enchantments they provide.
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No Torso should, baseline, likely just have 5/5/10 (armors, evade).

Unarmored Prowess should be 10, and then set your torso evade to 20 if there is no torso (Ontop of the +10 it already provides, which that +10 is capped).

And then Cast Off Flexing should be 10~15.

This is, generally, because your torso slot will either have

60 HP, 60 FP, Gigantic (IG if you want nerfed evade?), +25 crit evade, or +5 Res/+10 status res.

Having your evade armor be 30 base evade before anything else is relatively reasonable, since thats just a bit more than Wisp Cloak can get, and Wisp Cloak also will be giving 5% wind resist, 30 FP, and one of the above bonuses for having an enchanted torso.
I want to use the Dragon Gi set for theming so I'm selfish in requesting this but yes, Going from a Farmer's Shirt to Dragon Gi and flexing it off makes me lose like 27 evade, which is incredibly unfair.
I mean, no-gear torso itself could just grant 20 Evade. That alone would be huge.
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Could be a trait similar to strongest muscles but for CEL

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