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[v2.82] Flickering Flame Warriors
The Fire Warriors spawned from killing units with Balrog don't really seem to have a lot of stats no matter what level they are, which make them not really serve a lot of purpose in higher end content? At most they do like 10 damage with their basic attacks and can miss most of the tanks in the game due to only having 98 hit. Additionally they seem to have 3 MOV by default, which is much lower than the monsters they're copying.

This seems like an oddity given their only purpose is to attack, right now they exist as easy springboards for duelists to gain momentum from or for some builds to gain on-kill effects from.

I think it'd be cool personally if they copied the stats from the slain target instead potentially, it's a boss 10 star gimmick but I'd be more willing to go into that sort of detail in a balance thread, right now I just kinda saw the need to post this as they are effectively no more powerful than a seeker flame or a training dummy is.

[Image: image.png?ex=65d5d42b&is=65c35f2b&hm=caf...baab619e6&]
[Image: image.png?ex=65d5db42&is=65c36642&hm=fe3...b2104b504&]
This has been corrected in 2.82b.

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