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[v2.82b] Heavenly Back
While this is not technically a bug, and is more of a leftover from the past, basically all targeted gap closers turn you towards the target you're attacking (hanging/geldoren/pinball/warp strike etc.) except for Heaven Kick, which can leave you open if you decide to end your turn with it, as it almost always faces down after the attack you could have a random (and likely) chance of leaving your sides or back exposed, or you have to spend extra FP to turn around with shukuchi.

I'm sorry if it ain't a bug but I figure I'd try this first before going elsewhere.
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I don't think it is a bug but it's definitely not working as intended, I remember that request since I was the one who mainly wanted it done for Hanging so it was easier to perform the classic Hanging -> Checkmate or Hanging -> Sidecut combo as fast as possible. That's the main use of that QoL, rather than directionals. It makes fights happen faster, and so becomes easier to quickly perform combos.

For example, you'd Heaven Kick then immediately slap someone with a Light Tomahawk without having to turn around.

(This one not facing people was likely me testing all instances of everything but forgetting a basic one like Heaven Kick.)
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You should face them now in 2.83 v2.

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