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Pizza Hunter: Nuclear Drop
[Image: Y6mEm32.png]

Pretty much self explanatory. This just isn't fair. I mean, Checkmate is 5 momentum, and ND is only 3?

I'd probably lower the scaling to start at 1x (moving up to 5x total) and raise the momentum cost to 4.
I can agree with it being bumped up to 4M to at least stop it from being used twice in the same round but I don't like the formula being solely based on WPN Power, perhaps it should be the typical kind of formula so it's not as obscene. (e.g. SKI + WPN Power + a bonus based on Rank.)

Not too unrelated but I also think Jackhammer is too effective when it comes to it's Power. Not only is it by far the best gun for Nitrogen Drop but a Jackhammer with a Mutated Jammer Core currently is the highest Power tome weapon and thanks to Martial Lawbreaker, it's also an easy pick for Reaver skills.

I think it's Base Power should be lowered by around 6-10 points.
[Image: 95e2774f19.png]
Personally, I think the skill should do comparable damage with a multishot gun as a single shot. As it stands, with Jackhammers it's ridiculously strong, and with a lot of other guns, it's just... "meh." Perhaps reworking the formula to something like Gun Power/2*Rounds * multiplier, and affected by enemy defense, would be more fair across all guns? (For example, your average 30 power Jackhammer would be 15 power. Meanwhile, a Spirit Hunter would be 16 total.)

As well, I'd totally be in favor of a 10 drop power to jackhammers in favor of an accuracy boost. Honestly it just seems stupid that a wide radius explosion is less accurate than an aimed bullet. I'd vastly prefer low power and high accuracy on it, myself.
*loud burp*
"Upcoming Patch Notes" Wrote:- Jackhammer has received some statistical changes.
-- Base Power is now 22 (from 25).
-- Base Accuracy is now 55 (from 50).
-- Base Weight is now 20 (from 15).
-- Rarity is now 9 (from 6).

Nitrogen Drop also costs 4M now.

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