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You can then if you want, though I recommend creating new turf definitions to do so. If you try and edit it manually in the map file, it's going to be really hard to keep track of, and it greatly simplifies any future changes you want to make to those values.
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What would be the relevant code to put into the .dm in order to get those new turf definitions? Or are you suggesting I merely select and edit all instances?

I'm rather new to all this so I'm rather stumped.
I'm not really sure how to explain it but I'll do my best. Whatever turf type you're using in the map editor, double click it and it should take you to its definition. (Depending on what it is it'll look like



Copy and paste that into a new file. If you want the new turf to be dense, indent it under dense, otherwise just put it under the main type (ie 'atlas' in this example).

                   icon_state="the icon state to use"

Look up in the icon file which icon_state you want to use. You can also get this by editing the turf on the map and seeing what its icon_state var is set to.
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Thank you so much dev. I've been trying for days with little success.

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