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Regarding Romek Pt. 2
Let's keep this civil. I am coming to you, Dev, as a long-time player of SL2, to show you that the decisions made in the past regarding instances of metagaming, godmodding, and the sort aren't right. They're not correct, and how the GMs have responded to these allegations are immature, at best. Here is a growing petition for a call of action.

A majority of these signatures show that if nothing is changed, then we'll quit SL2.
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Honestly, I think this is getting blown out of proportion. Dev and the GMs want what is best for the community, why would they actively work against this?

Who cares if its metagaming, because it's not. Dev and GMs already said its not, end of discussion. Nobody will miss you if these SL2 players leave anyway, you're all just being salty about the whole matter.

Why can't you just play the game for fun instead making these slander threads and petitions?
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I have issues with this already (not even counting what was actually "addressed" yet) considering how easy it seems to falsify the signatures, not to mention a few of them I've never even heard before.
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Simply because you haven't heard of a player doesn't mean they don't exist. Also, no one has the time to go through such lengths. If you'd like, I can ask that everyone who signed that petition to make their statements here to further validate this.
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Just because you don't know some of the aging veterans of SL2 = / = falsified signatures. We don't need to pretend that more people support this than there really are, because honestly, a *lot* of people are pissed off, as the should be.
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I don't particularly wish to sign because of several reasons which I will attempt to highlight.

1) The first person to metagame was Romek by dueling in the arena, where he banned from doing so, choosing a time where no guards were present and the NPC guards could not be controlled by GMs since they were offline. (EDIT: Omitted this section. There's an official answer in regard to this statement, so I have no need to ask what the GMs will do.)

2) The logs that were shared of The Person In Question's (I will refer to them as TPIQ) admission only showed that they 'wanted Romek dead,' there is no proof or admission that this desire affected their actions.

3) The fact that private logs between TPIQ and the other party were shared so publicly is appalling. The amount of backlash that person received is one of the worst parts of this situation and it undermines the attempts of the appeal.

4) There is many blatant lies circulating that TPIQ also performed the arrest of Romek also undermines the petitions effort.

I'm not against having discussions regarding admins handle of the situation. I'm a personal advocate of 100% transparency under any and all circumstances but this petition doesn't address this.

Ultimately, I won't tell anyone to not sign the petition if they do wish for these changes. Everyone's welcome to voice themselves. However, please... please don't do this:

... Why would you sign if you didn't know the entire situation?
I guess since I've signed this and was mentioned by name, I'm now involved.

For an opening disclaimer for Dev, there's a reason I duped on SL2 and not SL1, even after you thought you fixed all of the bugs related. P.S., you didn't. Even though the game had it's flaws and issues, it was a fairly respectable community where I didn't mind walking over to the store for an online gift card to 'donate'. But now, even though I have my own car and bank account, and spend more money than I should on mobile gaming, I haven't and will never in the foreseeable future give a dime to SL2. I appreciate the effort put into the game despite its ever increasing flaws, but the community and experience is lackluster. You've allowed your GMs to put a chokehold on the game for its 'own good' GMs don't like your picture, character concept, age, cleavage, the way you RP something? Not allowed. Even now, with screenshot admittance of metagame (which regardless of who sent it to you or how you feel about them is hard, undeniable proof), GMs refuse to change their decision. Chaos and the guard force as a whole have been under scrutiny for metagame and general dubiousness repeatedly in the past, but I haven't so much as seen one get a slap on the wrist for repeatedly appearing seconds after anything has happened. The most recent example on my part is when a character of mine whispered that someone might kill another, or something to that effect, and a guard was in the room in -seconds-.

I love SL and I'm seriously pained to see it reduced to this. When I get rowdy or do something unsavory, it's because I do it in the best interest of the people playing, even if you disagree with my methods. I get nasty because I care and I want to see things go well.

But if this goes unfixed, that's that. I'll throw in the towel, proclaim the community dead and the game not worth sticking around for, and I'll actually keep everything related to it deleted from my computer for more than a few hours.

Edit: I typed this on my phone, by the by. Please excuse any formatting errors.
Are you asking for people to just post on the forums instead? Or post with their key/character name in game???

Because I mean. I can if you want Exxy. We could all post that stuff here instead of on a petition (where I recognize a TON of the names).

But if you need it, here's my name on the petition alongside my key

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For the sake of quoting ease and not overloading one post, and in case no one has actually seen the proof I was talking about, here. If you say these are fake, then I don't know if it's even possible to change anyone's mind.
Look at this in the shoes of the Dev and GMs. So called 'evidence' can be easily be presented in another fashion to make certain parties look like they were guilty of something horrible. We really don't need to heave all this negative energy on them or people who were never in the wrong in the first place.
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