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Elemental former guns
Guns mutated into other weapons still have their on hit damage for elemental augment divided by the rounds of the gun.

not being guns anymore they don't fire multiple times.

could you add a check before the rounds check to see if the item is still a gun?
Multi-shot rounds don't lose their properties upon mutation, they still have multiple rounds even, how at all is this a bug?
okay when you shoot a gun with rounds, it divides the bonus damage from elemental augment (nerhaven ect) by the amount of shots fired.

When you attack with a sword or dagger or anything that was formerly a multi round gun you attack one. single. time. and the damage is divided by the amount of shots that would've been fired if it was still a gun.
You don't attack once though, I know because dagguns are notorious, what guns are you using?
dagguns attack multiple times because akimbo not because rounds

Akimbo requires a handgun, handgun is a subtype of gun much like katana is a subtype of sword, there for a hand gun mutated into a dagger still retains the handgun sub type, any attack performed with a handgun type weapon will result in an akimbo sub attack, this gets stupid with dagger dance.

I've used personally
a spirit hunter mutated into a spear, it has divided its elemental augment by 4, attacked once
a yin and yang mutated into bows, they divided the damage by 2, attacked once ( I guess I could akimbo them like a douche, but I don't)

either way having it not divide the damage, unless akimbo is used would be nice, since I'm only attacking once.
But. Daggun's aren't used by magic gunners.

They're used by VA/Kensei's.

So.. again... The hell.
Galeon Zviera's turn.
Critical Hit! Galeon Zviera attacks Jammer with  Floating Red Letter  and hits them!
Jammer takes 8420 Pierce damage.

Tiny Fawn Girl recovered 8550 HP.
Isabelline recovered 8550 HP.
I've never used dagguns

I've used bow guns yin and yang, and a spear gun

they don't shoot multple times at all

I guess I'll make some dagguns if the lag will let me and test them
The mutated spirit hunter should be attacking four times, I don't know much about the bow guns, as far as mutated bows are concerned they very well -are- bows in every sense of the word, the other mutations? No they keep their rounds when using your normal attack.
yin and yang are guns, they have 2 rounds, they shoot once when mutated into bows, dev's came out and said guns mutated into other things should only attack once.
I don't recall that, with the way they act now, this is not a bug.

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