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As Lonestar pointed out, I believe this is flawed. And Kameron does bring a good point into play about Cobra added into the mix- it would not do very well to face someone like this. And whilst D&D does have Opportunity Attacks- they need to leave range in order for it to work- if someone as a Duelist promote Skipped Turn in melee range and they tried to walk away, and hit a successful hit/crit: that's additional momentum to add to the manslaughter.

Flawed, but a good idea- I just want there to be a sort of balance.
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Well, Cobra is fine for doing this, you're a rebelling Demon Hunter who doesn't give a hell to the rules of combat. (Aside being already nerfed to shit without any compensation. And Hit ratio being absurd by itself.)

Ghost, otherwise... Yeah. Haunting might be a giant offender to this. Maybe Haunting can't be used if you are engaged with the enemy? It would make sense, since the skill is some sort of ninja maneuver you take when the enemy is off-guard.
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Riposte is a counter skill, Oppurtunity attacks are a counter proc.

you can't riposte a riposte, just set OA to the same proc.
I agree with Kameron8's concerns, but think its an alright idea.
Do it brudda, dis sounds like a good counter for high cel enemies v.s. low cel fighters.
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This would work well if it turned the runaway's back towards the player before the attack occurred.

I also don't think that every single skill that moves should ignore the AO from Engagement. 1M movement skills, at the very least, should be punishable.
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They would probably turn to face the tile they're moving towards. I don't know why it would be necessary for them to get a back attack.

I also disagree with the second statement, at least right now. 1M movement skills often have cooldowns associated with them, so using them to disengage safely is fine.
My only major concern is that Opportunity attacks count as a riposte proc, so you cant riposte them.
Automatically attacking someone would have significant side effects that haven't been acknowledged yet.
At a first glance, I do very much like the idea of this. But I don't think it could be inserted into the game as just a thing everyone automatically has without causing a ton of problems. In addition to the concerns that have already been stated, there are other situations in which forcing someone to make an AoO would be to great advantage of the one being attacked.

It may have already been stated, but Hexers would hardly need to spend points on Silent Spirit when this would essentially turn Movement into the same thing, letting them force someone to take their curses and Payback. Another major problem I can think of off the top of my head is Pacifist's Boon. If there's no way to toggle the AoO off, this would be a significant nerf to Curates playing full support. I can only imagine there are dozens of other potential problems this could cause that none of us have thought of yet.

I do think that this would make an amazing toggle skill, and that it could fit very well as a Soldier class passive. At the very least, if not limited to a Class Skill, it could be a Trait. Perhaps one that requires 10-15 base Strength, given the lack of existing Strength-based traits?
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