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Finishing Touches
There are still a few bits in character descriptions we can't edit and I was wondering if ever we would be given the ability to do so.

Could we one day be able to change the color of these?

[Image: pY9RQar.png]

And maybe the font of this? (The alias/name)

[Image: 2U9VGUb.png]
[Image: XVa5SaQ.png]
To add to this, could we also receive an option in our Settings tab that displays all Examine-Descriptions to that player are their non-custom counterparts (the Vanilla Description Window, basically)?

This would be mainly for people who may have sensitivity to certain combinations of colors, for people who can't really distinguish between certain colors (I'm not sure how distinguishing the Vanilla Description Windows are to partial/fully color-blind players but I would like to think it'd be easier on them than some of our whacky color combinations - no offense guys) and simply for people who would rather have a [strike]lame[/strike] ordinary background for the descriptions.

EDIT: Small edits.
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+1. Would love the customisation.
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