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Beaten down, and can't get up again.
Sustain is still an extremely annoying tactic in any fight, and KO should not be able to be recovered from as easily as it is now, I think that Badly Beaten should incur a 50% healing penalty on the sufferer of the status.

On top of this, it can currently be cleansed by Wash Away and Cleanse Potion, these shouldn't be able to be cleansed in my opinion.

I believe this to be important enough to warrant raising a thread before the trait rework happens, as it is an extremely abuse-able strategy, despite not being employed too often.
Nothing to add but my support for this.
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This is very fair, since the only real strategy to bring downed people back is to spam heals until they're immediately at full health after 1 round passes. Not to mention people using this strategy can out-heal people's damage and then some.

I can't see why this wouldn't be implemented.
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I'd like to see this change implemented. Getting people back on their feet with full health is only an Elf away.
I've seen this happen very, very, veeeeeery often. Not only it's easily abuseable, but it also makes battles way longer than they should be.

I support this.
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+1, mostly to the badly beaten, less heal part. Don't mind the other either, but the former is a must.
I support both of these suggestions; a healer should seek to heal those standing before they fall.
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Anything to fk up that grind group that keeps spamming heals.
I shall also support this.
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I am greatly in favor of this!
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