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Kinda serious glitch (murai)
So I found a glitch or an exploit or whatever you want to call it. Hope this is the right place to report it. Anyway there is a method to gain infinite murai in the game.

I won't describe it here obviously. But whoever is responsible for addressing these issues, please send me a PM.

(It might take me a few hours to respond since it's the weekend)

Thank you
For future reference, bugs like these can be PM'd to Neus (dev) on the forums in standard bug report fashion if they're of such a game-breaking severity as depicted in this thread.
Please PM me the details on how to reproduce this bug.
[Image: d131cd5ff6c2127e560634515124179d.png]
Go post 10 posts anywhere.
You could also just page him the details. I've done that before.
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Reporting this issue has turned out to be more trouble than it's worth

Thanks anyway
Page me the information on BYOND then.
I asked for someone to PM me and then showed that I can't initiate PMs unless I spam the forum first. Now you're telling me to page you without providing your key

Is it that hard to PM me or am I just being trolled?
If you look on the name of the creator of SL2 on byond you'll see dev acc name there to which you can page for reference. Out of everyone his should be the easiest to contact.

Edit: simply click on it and it'll bring up a window for you to PM the info needed Big Grin

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