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Trait Rework
First of all, sorry that this has taken so long (and will continue to be a little bit of time until it's completed). The new interface will be going live at the next reboot. My general plan for the trait rework is this;

1) I'm going to start releasing new traits in packs of 10 or so, every couple of days. You can still access the old traits at this time. As these are added you will be able to reset your traits at any time for free (mainly for testing purposes).
2) Once all the new traits are added, the old traits will be removed and your traits will be reset. You will no longer be able to reset your traits at any time at this point. This will also be the point where various system changes occur, such as Tactician's 7M becoming the default.

Thank you for your patience.

I'll be checking soon.

--Yep. We're seeing the ol' Lady Luck there.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
The UI is very simple and forward and I quite like it, I do like being able to check each trait individually, even the ones locked to me at a moment's notice.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
First set should be in game soon.


Req: SR 5 in Trenchman, Fieldworker, or Lumberjack
You are built for manual labor, increasing your maximum physical stamina by 50.

Managerial Skills
Req: 20 Guile
You work well when dealing with large groups. Increases the amount of Mercenaries you can bring into battle by 1 (you can normally only bring 3 at once).

Minor Nobility
Req: Level 1 Only
You are the member of a minor noble family, and you make sure everyone knows it. Increases your starting reputation with all regions by 20.

Welcome Corruption
Req: Corrupted Race
Rather than fighting your condition, you are more comfortable accepting it. APT will no longer increase your SAN (which can benefit certain Corrupted racial skills).

Synthetic Hair
Req: Lich or Mechanation
Highly durable synthetic hair protects what it covers, giving you a +3 Armor bonus.

Fast Healer
Req: None
Your metabolism is quite fast, granting a few benefits. +50% recovery at campfires, +25% healing from food, +50% healing rate of wounds. You get hungry more often, though, decreasing the duration of common foods by 2 battles (to a min. of 1).

Luminary Element
Req: SR 1 in Starsign (and chosen)
Through the power of the stars, or perhaps your own unnatural talent, you are more drawn to a specific element. WIL no longer increases all elements; instead, it increases your Starsign's element by 1 per 1 WIL (for Elem ATK only, diminishing returns are ignored). The original stat that grants a bonus to this element no longer does so.

Battle Rush
Req: None
Getting into a fight gives you a rush of excitement. At the start of battle, you gain Battle Rush LV5 for 3 rounds, which boosts your Power by LV. Defeating an enemy extends it by 3 rounds. When it expires, you become Worn Out for 3 rounds, increasing skill FP costs by the same LV for 3 rounds.

Tree Person
Req: Doriad
A special quality of certain Doriad just makes everything around them seem very... natural. In battle, tiles that are within 1 cardinal step of your location are treated as if they have plant objects in them. (This is used to interact with some skill effects.)

Poison Rush
Req: Wyverntouched, Battle Rush Trait
You get a similar feeling of excitement to the rush of battle when you feel poison in your body. Gaining Poison through your Poison Bite or Absorb Poison skills will trigger Battle Rush (if already active, the duration extends by 1 round).
After testing quite a few of them, I can say its relatively been pleasant so far, looking forward to the next batch to see what more will diversify the pool, a few ones currently like Luminary element are already pretty cool for some builds.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
Same feedback as Spo. By the way, will you need some help making icons for the traits? I think it's necessary now, due to the HUD update. They need to be able to be differentiated by the icon alone to make people's lives easier.

As usual, I volunteer.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Anyone is welcome to submit trait icons, they would be very useful.
Part two. Part three should be out sooner than this one was.


Fasting Vampire
Req: Vampire
You have sworn off consuming essence as much as possible. Sets your essence to 0, negates the effects of Sanguine Crest and Stillness Darkness, and any bonus damage taken from Holy. Gaining Essence in any way removes this trait, and if it was gained in a battle, you are stunned and inflicted with a status called Feeding Frenzy, disabling the use of all skills for that battle except for Movement and Banquet until your Essence is at least 100 at the start of a round.

Req: Vampire, Fasting Vampire Trait
Despite your rejection of essence, you can still utilize some vampire power limitedly. Silvermists no longer requires essence to use (and is treated as if 30 Essence was consumed), but gains a 5 round cooldown. Removed if Fasting Vampire is.

Arcane Tattoo (Barrier)
Req: Race With Natural Skin
-1% max HP. At the start of each battle, consumes 5 FP and grants a barrier that reduces the first instance of damage taken by 50%.

Chronicling Cabal Memory
Req: Cabal-type Mechanation
Mech Type Trait (only 1 can be selected). The special memory function of the cabal makes it more capable of memorizing spells than even master magicians. For each accessory equipment slot that you have empty, the Skill Pool cost of Spells is reduced by 0.5.

Unchained Wings
Req: Hyattr
You refuse to be tied down by your foes. Using Dragon Hover while you are Restrained by or Restraining an enemy causes both of you to become Airborne, and breaks the restrain effect. If you are the one being restrained, however, the cost of Dragon Hover increases to 3M.

Pure Instinct
Req: Kaelensia Race with Instinct Skill
Your primal instincts come out a lot easier than others. Instinct skill effects that activate at certain HP percentages activate at 25% higher HP than they say (IE, 50% HP or less becomes 75% HP or less). Fear of Death (where you are inflicted with Fear by enemies who damage you while you are at 15% HP or less) is also affected somewhat, making it apply at 25% HP or less instead.

Req: 20 Skill
You're quite good with your hands, something your allies can appreciate. Once per in-game day, in the Companions panel, you can give a Youkai ally a massage. This massage gives them EXP equal to X% of the total EXP they need to level up (X = your SKI), and also increases their Friendship with you.

Req: None
You love eating food and get more enjoyment out of it than normal people. Improves the HP regen, FP regen, and duration of foods with a total HP+FP Regen of 30 or more by 5 each.

Keen Eyes
Req: Corbie
Your keen sense of sight tends to catch things others may miss. When you dig a hole, there's a chance you may find a small amount of Murai in the dirt. Furthermore, your success rate when spotting traps is increased by 10%.

Thin Claws
Req: Shaitan
The carapace that covers your arms is thin enough to not interfere, which also makes them less uniquely useful. Negates the effects of Dark Claws.
hey dev listen i get that vampires are already pretty good racially but are all the vampire traits going to be about not being an actual vampire
"Syeburn" Wrote:all the vampire traits [are] going to be about not being an actual vampire
God I hope they're all just normal person traits.

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