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[Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator
Sigrogana Legend 2 Reckoning Calculator
Originally made by Nano. Currently being updated by Miller#0869
[Image: unknown.png]

An actively updated calculator intended to make planning out builds a lot easier and with much less experimentation in game.

Google Drive in question:
(Note: The calculator has been reported to alert antivirus programs. The calculator is safe and virus free.)

This has been tossed around on Discord previously but after confirming with Nano and making a personal decision. I'll now be posting all updates to the Calculator on a google drive for anyone to grab.

Any suggested/requested features or bugs should be directly private messaged to me on the forums.

Known Issues
Having two weapon calculators open will result in only one updating when you add/remove stats.
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  • Noxid, Snake
Updated with Rune Magician's class stats.

Fixed Omina base SAN.
Updated with Shapeshifter's class stats.

Fixed Luminary Element.

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