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[Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator
(01-21-2022, 11:54 AM)adamkad1 Wrote: Would be nice if calculator accounted for homunculi physique (1 less hp per VIT, one more fp per WIL)

It does, at least for the HP side of things, I haven't added the extra FP yet.
Calculator has been updated to include Korvara weapons.

The Upgrade tick mark now allows you set to +5 or +6
HP/FP Shards boxes now exist.
Korvara weapons have been added to the Weapon Forms.
Korvara Human races have been added.

Some weapon values will be incorrect.

(Oops, forgot Bard/Dancer/Performer, they should be added now with a few adjustments.)
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Calculator has been updooted for the new Korvara Updoot

New weapons have been added.
All new materials have been added. (Please report any incorrect values to me so I can correct them.)
Fortitude/Rising Game/Pain Tolerance/Endurance and so forth only show up when a Soldier class/Ghost or Hexer are selected.
Dragon Queen added.
Arcane and Mundane have been added. (New enchantment.)
Fenri's values were adjusted to reflect in game.
Experimental Dark Mode (Not good by any means added)
Dark Bard added. (Note: The +3 STR/SAN comes at values 7-9 for the stat passive for the time being. Sorry Dark Bard)

I'm probably missing a few things here, but report any unusual behavior with the calc to me and I'll fix it, eventually.
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i wanted to ask. But will the Calculator be updated for the latest update with the Rat race and such?

don't expect any fixes to any jank things like arcane/mundane
im lazy ok
hi miller
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bro miller what are the stats for jade whistle?
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[Image: Y8FFQj7.jpg]
^Mercala's Favorite Apparently
[Image: To2mAPS.png](heh)
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mill .
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[Image: unknown.png]
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