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[Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator
is arcane / mundane fixed yet mi ?
[Image: 400px-Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
Ending 145: Disappointed in Humanity
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m     .
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
[Image: fa5d9fd2e3f77f27206bb134638b5f28.png]
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i need CALC miller
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i need CALC miller
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[Image: b3fyEERC_o.png]

this is the worst thing I've ever produced

calc soon
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mil r
066: Birth of the Robot Emperor
why is there not a dislike button
092: Requiem for a Fallen Angel
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CALC has been updated
(Sorry Monk, you don't get to use the add evade feature for unarmored prowess yet.)
  • (WIP) New weapon form added to check the stats and other stuff about a weapon added. (Currently only dagger and longsword have some extra information added.)
  • You can now add base evade to the evade label displayed on the main form by clicking on it, good for accounting for your torso of choice and Rogue's base +5 from main class.
  • Slight overhauls underneath the surface for the shift click add point interface, likely won't change the user end of things.
  • Print Window now displays your enchant of choice for each weapon and your Total Evade(Stat Evade + Bonus Base), Stat Evade(floored CEL * 2) and Evade Cap(Total Evade + 50).
  • bullshit blazing is also added (Soldier Promo W/ +3 FAI/GUI Passive)
it is NEVER tsubaki thursday
nobody cares bro stop necroing

[Image: unknown.png]

DEV: Don't use such large images in your signature.

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