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Aquaphobia not scary enough
This weapon is pretty decent overall for its ability to extend the range of single target water spells, the scaling and effects on it are not fantastic and frozen fear itself presents a huge risk when actually using it. I'd like to suggest two changes to help improve the quality of this weapon that I doubt are terribly impactful:

-Changing it from proccing fear on hit to instead proccing fear on water damage (100% still), this would be pretty niche but allow water mages to toy around with that effect a bunch I wager.

-Targetting yourself with frozen fear refunds 3m, given that frozen fear forces you to target in its range, you can be caught out if your frozen fear is separated from you, this is so that you can put away the structure so you can cast normally, without losing half your turn for doing so, like how you can de-activate ki-awoken for free.

Thats all I really request for an under-utilized tome, I think its fine aside from these tiny problems.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
I agree with this, either a refund 3m or just make it a flat 1m cast for using it normally and 'recalling' it.
Oh no.
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