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Sigrogana Legend 2: Hardcore Mode
What is Hardcore Mode?

"Hardcore Mode" is a way to play Sigrogana Legend 2 differently. It adds multiple stipulations and rules that are supplementary to both the game's concrete rules and "rules of thumb". Its community is an all-inclusive group that, due to its nature and rigid rules, get to experience Sigrogana Legend 2 in its most organic. If you are bored of Sigrogana Legend 2's fantasy slice-of-life game-play that ignores the rich over-world of Sigrogana Legend 2 in lieu of min-maxing a character designed strictly for seldom Player-vs-Player combat, this might be something that'll interest you.

"Hardcore Mode" is not an exclusive group where you need a secret handshake or security card to get into. Aside from its strict rules mentioned in its Discord channel, the "Hardcore" community allows anyone interested who is also in good standing on Sigrogana Legend 2. In other words, if you are banned from Sigrogana Legend 2, you cannot take part in this community.

The hallmark qualities of these rule-sets revolve mainly around two concepts: Mortality and Immersion.

In order to remain fully immersed in the "Hardcore" rule-set, all "Hardcore" characters must be "In-Character" at all times. This is mandatory and includes when characters communicate with NPCs, battle monsters, and explore BDPs.

To maintain an element of mortality and really don the rule-set as "Hardcore," all in-game Deaths are permanent. If a character dies, they die. There are two key exceptions to this: during spars and during arena battles where you don't lose items. This is probably the most rigid rule of the rule-set and is easily the most make-or-break rule to follow. Some people like the element of Mortality in their characters, even long-term ones. Others prefer more stability. This rule-set is, by no means, better than the normal way to play. It's just different.

With an original Advancement system to make progression more gradual and rewarding, a community brimming with life through individual "Adventure Logs," and an exciting thrill-ride through every single BDP and story dungeon (even the Jammer Cave!), Sigrogana Legend 2 "Hardcore Mode" is a fun and exciting spin on an old favorite.


Q: Is the "Hardcore Mode" community a clique?
A: No. Anyone interested can join.

Q: Are there any benefits to participating in "Hardcore Mode" over the base game?
A: In a word, no. There is solidarity in how many people proportionate to the server are participating, but following those rules in itself do not benefit you whatsoever. It makes the game more difficult.

Q: I want to join the "Hardcore Mode" community but I don't want to participate or have my character permanently killed. Can I still join?
A: You can absolutely join the community as a spectator who can chime into all the general discussions and read all of the Adventure Logs. Unfortunately, in order to be a "Hardcore Mode" participant, you must follow every rule, not just a few.

Q: I want to make a "Hardcore Mode" character, but I'm new to roleplaying. Can I still join?
A: Absolutely. There is no discrimination between literacy levels. The purpose of this rule-set is an additional challenge strictly for fun.

Q: Can "Hardcore Mode" characters only interact with other "Hardcore Mode" characters in-character? That seems awful and exclusive, like a clique.
A: I agree, that sounds awful. "Hardcore Mode" characters can play Sigrogana Legend 2 with any other character, "Hardcore Mode" or not*, and vice versa. If you see a "Hardcore Mode" character, all that means is that they are one-hundred percent "In-Character." If their character would not help you clear a BDP, they will not help you clear the BDP "out-of-character".
* - The one restriction for "Hardcore Mode" characters being unable to interact with other Sigrogana Legend 2 characters is if they try to give them handouts and/or if they try to power-level them. The former mention is actually against the game's rules (Twinking) but latter is only a stipulation made by the "Hardcore Mode" rule-set.

Q: I want to attack or act aggressively to "Hardcore Mode" character in-game because they have "Hardcore Mode" in their OOC Notes. Can I do that?
A: Objectively, no. It is not part of the "Hardcore Mode" rule-set, but no metagaming is part of the game's concrete rules. It also breaks the rule where "you don't have to roleplay, but you cannot grief and bother people who are" because metagaming is not an acceptable form of roleplaying.

Q: Why are you guys so elitist?
A: "Hardcore Mode" is not a better way to play Sigrogana Legend 2 than the base game. It's just different.

Q: Okay, but you keep referring to "Hardcore Mode" like it's some kind of expansion to "the base game". That's kind of elitist and wrong, don't you think?
A: I disagree. These stipulations change the contents of the game drastically because you are forced to play parts of the game you'd normally skip (let's be honest) and act in-character throughout. You don't have to play Sigrogana Legend 2 this way, and that's okay. But the additional amount of content you engage in when on a much slower, gradual, and uncertain trip to the max level is nothing short of staggering. Still, I get that you can play through Sigrogana Legend 2's quests and story without these stipulations. It's just uncommon and the roleplay engagement is so minimal that most characters ignore these.

Q: Fine, whatever. Can I get a discord link?
A: Yes.

If you think this is a good fit for you, we would love to have you. If not, we still look forward to playing Sigrogana Legend 2 with you.

For more information, please contact Fallen Raven#4285 or NICC#6969 on Discord.
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